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In 2012, the International Festival of creativity and media professionals of the real estate market "Inspiration" established a special prize "For the sake of good" as a public award for the implementation of social projects and charity. " Property Gallery " magazine decided to support this nomination and tell your readers about the people , companies and social movements who take the time and effort to help those who need it . The first material in the eponymous category "In the name of good" we dedicate to our compatriot Svetlana Stoliarova , head of Local-n-Global Realty, who made the author and organizer of the Russian Cultural Garden in Cleveland (Ohio , USA). Read pp. 93-94.


August - September, 2013

We are happy to share with you the wonderful article written about the Russian Cultural Garden by Kate Bakhtiyarova.

Russian Cultural Garden foresees exceptional progress

One of the many exclusive virtues of living in Cleveland is being able to visit Rockefeller Park and all its cultural gardens. It’s true that nowhere else in the world can one find a place so remarkably centered around not only celebrating individual cultures, but creating a unity amongst all the difference. Despite the thirty one nations represented in the gardens, it was only until recently that Russia was granted representation when the country’s cultural garden sprang up and began to blossom.

Although construction is still under way, the Cleveland community had an opportunity to literally get a taste of the essence of the Russian cultural garden during the 66th annual One World Day and first annual One World Festival in late August. With the help of Svetlana Stolyarova, President of the Board of Directors of the Russian Cultural Garden, and a heap of other board members and volunteers, the presently empty patch of grass reserved for future construction of the garden was converted into a place of festivity, featuring tremendous voices from the Celebrity School of Music, presented by its owner and a voice teacher Anastasiya Sviatlovskaya, food by Sherwin Gilmour Catering, and a book sale.

The party isn’t over yet, either. Upcoming plans for the future of the Russian cultural garden are expansive as ever, including a celebration of the Russian Big Book award through a poetry and literary festival in June of 2014. Meanwhile, planning for the actual building of the garden is on its way as well, with plans to finalize phase one of the construction by October of this year.

 “The first phrase will likely be an amphitheatre foundation on the North side of the Garden. It will be a place for performances, such as the upcoming literary festival,” explained Boris Vinogradsky, member of the Board of Directors of the cultural garden. “The whole project will be completed in phases, and probably be finished by summer of 2016,” added Vinogradsky.
While the building of the Russian cultural garden is on its way, a culture is also developing to anchor the pride of the Russian garden. “This garden will welcome all people whole-heartedly of any ethnicity”, explained Vinogradsky. “The point of this garden is to show what Russia as a country produced for the world… It’s about understanding, friendship, and being better people,” he said.

The beauty of the operation comes from the tremendous support of volunteers. “Our community is involved in this project more and more, and we’re so grateful for the physical and emotional involvement,” said Stolyarova. It is clear that the present and future success of the cultural garden can be credited to the patrons and supporters, along with the dedication of the board of people working extraneously to make sure all plans carry out swimmingly.

Despite all the struggle, the work is honest. “It’s true that unfortunately this operation requires a lot 

of money,” said Stolyarova, “but I want to be clear in saying that all the money that’s been involved in this project is going towards the future success of the garden.” Even though the project is not yet supported by the government, the evolution of the Russian garden is progressing exceptionally. As long as the community continues to contribute, there is no doubt that very soon through the instrument of a beautiful garden, the people of the Russian community
will be finely represented in Rockefeller Park.
                                                                                Kate Bakhtiyarova

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